Friday, 19 February 2016

The Insider’s blog: Will NF man's conviction end months of harassment?

The Insider’s blog: Will NF man's conviction end months of harassment?

The above link will take you to a Hope not Hate page which will tell you all about the National Front's campaign in Wigan.

Wigan is a town near to where I live, so I happen to know many people who live within the area and their points of view, which true to the National Front, is not the same as the NF.

The NF is a group of mostly convicted men who have nothing better to do than commit violent acts against people, insight hatred against many communities of people including those who are black, female, gay, trans etc, basically anybody who isn't a white male.

If you wish to think of it as such, it's the UK's answer to the KKK, just this lot have never been in any form of political power and never will be.

It is time these men grew up, their current actions are the sort that they will come to regret later on in life. I simply refuse to take them seriously while they attend these marches, in numbers so low, you can often count them on one hand, and they often end with at least one person being arrested for a violent crime. I have a feeling I may well attend any future marches of their's in Wigan, just so I can add to the numbers of people who want to be seen to disagree with the members of the NF and what the group actually stands for.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Riley's account.

Ok, this is going to be a long one here, so keep reading if you're interested.

When it comes to content being reported here on Facebook, FB has a duty to inspect what has been reported. For example, you could report a picture of somebody naked, for the image containing nudity or pornography, which is fair enough. FB staff will look at the content and remove it from the site, sending a warning email to the account holder who posted the content which goes against the t&c's of this website.

From time to time however, content will be reported to FB staff which doesn't go against the website's t&c's, in which case, FB staff send an initial warning message to the person who's posted the content under question and once reviewed by staff, no further action is taken.

Then, we come to a case like Riley​.

Now the content which has seen Riley's account being blocked on here doesn't go against any of FB's t&c's, in any way at all, however...

Riley's account is under a protection measure because of the amount of content being reported which he has uploaded. None of which, I can hand on heart say, has been against any of FB's terms. However, because of the amount of content reported, his account is semi-closed, which FB staff are looking through all content posted, which is understandable, they want to protect other people from what could be harmful stuff.

This could easily be done within a day, however, FB blocks these accounts for upto (and including) 6 months, even if all reported content is found to still be allowed on this website.

Now, Riley is clearly being harassed by somebody. Riley is one of them guys who posts pictures of his dogs (which are adorable, so I don't think anybody minds them), food that he has cooked, or silly content designed to make the reader or viewer smile.

Facebook Engineering​ need to look at what process they put accounts through and work on a better time-scale for restoring account services fully. They should also have a think about a possible policy whereby if 1 person is reporting a lot of content which doesn't go against FB's terms, but could be judged as targeting a persons account, then they would be removed as a friend and possibly blocked.

Plenty for FB to do and think about. This IS a case of harassment and FB should be doing more. Please, share this video.