Wednesday, 26 November 2014


What a crazy time to be living in Ferguson hey! Luckily, I don't, because it's an area that has decended into chaos, and yet everybody has a different point of view on what is happening, and why it's happening.

We know from the outset of this case that an un-armed black man was shot dead by a police man, who was white. This is all as we know for sure, because everything that has happened since, is subject to opinion and lies, but on what side?

The police claim that there was an altercation at the police man's car, they claim this is why the officer shot the man several times. Other police only arrived on the incident scene once everything had happened and it was too late to stop the incident from progressing into a death. The police claim that the man they shot was a theif, and they even issued a video from a store where you can allegedly see the man robbing items, only, as a friend pointed out to me, you can see him making payment for the items. No complaint was ever made to the police about the incident itself.

That video should, by police accounts, show you a robbery in action. If this is the case, why does the store clerk only walk around the counter to him, after the alleged incident had taken place. Why was somebody else able to pay at the counter, because I don't know about you, but if I'm in a shop that is being robbed, I'm straight outta that store! This to me, looks like nothing more than just him being in the shop, buying something and leaving.

It's also funny that the police released this video before they released the name of the police man who's blood is now wanted by so many.

For me, this case does stink of racism. Infact it's not actually rare to find police being racist in this area at all, with a number of incidents similar to this having happened in the area over the years. You cannot be too surprised to find out that the police force for the area then, has only 5 police officers who are not white.

Now let's look at how the police reacted to these protests. Anybody notice that the police uniform was replaced with an army type uniform? That's right, because it was. All along this case the police have been too heavy handed, which signals to me.... they have something to hide here. This isn't the police wanting to restore calm and order at all, this is them wanting a fight, why else would they begin to impersonate the army?

It's now looking as if a 3rd night of riots are on the way after the police man in question was declaired innocent in this incident, something which may also prove that... racism is still supported by the legal system.

Now, the other side, have they lied?

Why was it so easy for the police to paint this man as a bad character and why have they needed to act so harsh? Why has there been buildings set on fire and looting? While I cannot find lies that have been put out by this side, I can see anger that isn't being managed well. Look, if this case is a real racism case, burning buildings and robbery is NOT the way to make your voices heard, infact, if anything, it's only going to bring out what many racists think anyway, in showing that black people are out robbing... which of course we all know, isn't the case.

Protest by all means, you have my full support for it. Fill the streets with voices, make your voices heard and don't stop until you get the justice you need, and let's see if we can't properly get this case sorted.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Camelot theme park - the future!

I say the future, but I refer to something which literally hang's in the balance like the remains of the "Knightmare" roller coaster left on the site. Infact, Knightmare is quite a good way to sum up what the site is to it's current owners, Story Homes.

Story homes have owned the site for quite some time, and even operated the site as Camelot theme park, but it's view has always been to close the theme park and build homes. They used the 2012 season as an excuse to close the site as it was quiet, but what do you expect when the advertising budget expended to a new banner at the front of the site, advertising the new look website.... which hadn't changed much at all to be fair.

The main part of the Knightmare came in 2014, August, when the local council refused plans to turn the site into a large housing development. Their reasons for doing so is that the site should remain as basically, a place for tourists to go. Now, this news oddly doesn't feature at all on the home page or the news page of the Story Homes website... Click here to see it...

It also follows a large campaign by local people to stop the site being turned into homes.

So what is the future for the site?

As it currently stands, the only viable future is for a company to buy the site and re-generate and possibly open up as Camelot Theme Park. If invested in enough, the park CAN work and become profitable again, the fault with the previous version of Camelot was that it didn't receive the much needed investment, so people stopped going. The idea of the site being housing has always been a silly idea and still is.

There will be updates on this, so follow the Life With Bev blogger!