Friday, 18 October 2013

The site's and app's i dislike on the net (You might love them though)

I'll explain my point of view on these site's and you may agree, you may not, but these are site's and app's that i refuse to use, for various reasons. This post will probably be sent to my friends when they tell me i should sign up to a site because it's so good or start using an app... etc.


Linkedin when it first launched was a good idea, certainly from a point of view of trying to gain employment it was ideal, because you really can be head hunted.

Why i don't like it - Basically, the site not a million moon's ago sufferd a hack and alot of details were stolen, so it lacked a proper security system, when the site holds some quite personal details of people, details that people have stored on there, which if stolen could lead to ID fraud. It's also not used by tonnes of people, so trying to get other's to sign up is yet another nightmare. Use of the site is also quite tricky, it's not the most user friendly site in the world, so finding your way around can often be confusing and certainly at times lead me to just logging off and thinking "try again another day". Which of course i never did, so i logged on once and closed my account for good on the site, while mentally vowing to never return to the site again after it's security breach.


Instagram or "Insta" as it's also known, started off as quite a respectable website, it was designed for people to upload special pictures to, to share and people would also be able to buy them through the site. When it was bought by facebook, it's useage went through the roof and you're more likely to find a picture of what your friend had to eat these days, rather than a picture of something actually interesting.

Why i don't like it - Basically, it's over-used and not even for the right purpose. Don't get me wrong, very rarely you can find someone on there who has a special collection of photo's which can still take your breath away, but these accounts are few and far between. As i said before, you're more likely to find someone who's taken a picture of their meal and added an effect to the photo, than a nice photo itself. I also refuse to use the website becaue i have a facebook account, those people who i want to see my photo's already can and if somebody isn't on facebook, i'll often visit them in their cave or under their rock and show them in person, so i have no actual use for the site itself, plus im not that into photography to justify using the website for it's proper useage.


SnapChat was launched to compete with the likes of whatsapp, but have a "fun" element, which is that after a few seconds the photo with the tagline will be deleted forever. SnapChat was hacked in early october 2013, leaving people's picture's they never thought would be seen again, vulnerable to being uploaded online.

Why i don't like it - It's an app that everybody has these days and i fail to see the point in it, why would you go to all the effort of taking a picture, putting the tag line then using your internet allowance to send it, just for the person to see if for a few seconds and then fingers crossed, never see it again? Alot of people use this app to send pictures of their body parts and sexual organs, and trust me, i mean ALOT of people do this, which of course added to my delight when i heard that the app had been hacked and alot of these images with the users details, stolen. SnapChat itself however will just be a flash in the pan, once the novelty has truely worn off and people start to delete the app more than they download it, the app will just fade away, only it's concept will no doubt live on under different names as the future goes on. People rave about how great the app is, yet, is it that great? wouldn't you rather have something like WhatsApp, where if you've fallen asleep while replying to a message, you can see what was put and know what you were replying to?

Draw it

Draw it was a fun app when it first came onto the scene, it's rarely touched these days, but has still made it onto this list. The idea behind it is to draw something for the other person to guess what it is.

Why i don't like it - Although it's certainly had it's prime now, the app never seemed to make sense because let's face it, who's that good at drawing these days? It's basically a drawing version of charrads, which drunk or sober, can sometimes be impossable to play because people are rubbish at guessing games.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

And the modern day tories strike again....

YES this is going to be another rant about being unemployed at the treatment of the unemployed, but with whats been proposed recently, SOMETHING needs to be said.

First of all.

Dear BBC news, ITV news.... infact, ITN as a whole.... the people of the UK are not mostly happy with the changes, infact, the people who have an understanding of the system, not one of them are happy about what has been said recently, please correct your news services to give the wider opinion of the public.


So what has been said recently?

As it currently stands with the unemployed and how they get their money, alot of it is from what the person has paid into the system, so for a certain amount of time will recieve a type of jobseekers allowance. This amount has a limit but can vary from case to case sometimes on how much a person gets. After that time, the type will change and eventually, the person will pay it back in other ways, like higher taxes when they're in employment etc. As the system currently stands, i agree with that part, you pay into the pot when you have it and are supported when you dont.... then when you do have it again, you pay it back. Fair enough.

The governments latest plans are that you will now work for your benefit. Now this is where it gets tricky, so try to stick with me on this one. You will still pay into the pot and will still be supported, only now, instead of using your daytime hours to look for work, you'll have to spend them doing full time hours, unpaid work. That's right, unpaid.

Now, the government claim that it will be either community service or cooking for the elderly.... something like that.... but for those who remember, when the DWP announced the return of workfair, they said it would be for charities, yet i don't see the registerd charity numbers of Argos, Asda, Tesco etc.... all of whom took on free, unpaid workers... and then failed to recruit paid staff.... i wonder why?

So to say that this work which will apparently start as of next year will just be charitable, you can see why alot of us are going "ummm, will it?".

Next we move onto the fact that there's full time work there, yet the unemployed will be sent to do it free of charge. How about this for an idea.... IF the person is able to do the work, you stop all their benefits, and make them do the work.... PAID! I mean, how does that sound? Full time work and ok, maybe scrubbing paint off walls where theyve been vandalized isn't the best job in the world, but if i was offerd that job tomorrow, paid and full time, i'd snap their hands off to do it. The mere idea we send people to do this at A) no cost to the employer and b) no financial reward to the benefit recipiant, is beyond retarded and will force us into a futher state of financial depression.

The announcement by the government in the way they did it is yet again, trying to blame the unemployed for the state of the job market, where as, it's down to a lack of jobs, both part time and full time.... and silly government scheme's like the one announced, which is taking up paid positions by companies, because if you were an employer, who's profit margins need to grow, are you going to take on paid staff, or free staff if you can get them? Exactly, the free staff.

What we need is a BIG boost for the jobs market, it needs to be re-done. Giving companies free staff is not the way to do this.

However, it's too late.

The government have announced it and the wheels are in motion for this to become law. Which is done at a bad time really, because in 2015, the UK is sent to vote. As it currently stands, unemployment in the UK is still at a record high... meaning, the current political parties in charge (Cons' and leb dem's) have lost the votes of the unemployed.

Wise thinking on their part? Not one bit.