Wednesday, 11 September 2013

September 11th, my view.

So today is 11/09/2013 and yet again, for the 12 year running, we'll see news reports and post after post on social media saying "RIP" and of course going back to pointing the finger of blame, usually, in completely the wrong direction.

I will say this at the start though...

A) this post is going to include my opinion, not all will like it.
B) i've done my research in order to come to my opinion's.
C) i do not have an ounce of disrespect for all those who lose their lives during the incident at the world trade towers. The incident should have never happend and lessons STILL need to be learned.

Ok, onto the post then.

Where to begin?

I don't think there's a person alive, who doesn't know about what happend on september 11th 2001. It will always be one of those incidents where you remember what you were doing when you found out the news. Shocking, i think is the only way we can describe what happend that day, a world stood in awe, as we saw one plane hit, the building on fire, then, the 2nd plane hit. Then people jumping out of the buildings. Then that moment when all the noise seemed to go away, as one tower came down, followed later by the 2nd tower. We all saw the camera's move back to show us the empty space that used to be the peak of new yorks skyline.

If you ask most people about the incident itself, you will of course hear about the muslim faith, even if it's just a hint. People were lead to believe that it was muslim's who carried out these attacks and who rejoyced when the planes hit. Since that time, a few people who i know have managed to form their own opinion on what happend, and some, are very interesting in what they say.

A few years back now i signed up to a website called, it's an old format, but it was a perfect area for people to talk about politics. One night i'd come on and a friend of mine was broadcasting, with someone else and they were talking about 9/11, both of these men, i will point out, are american and white. What they were saying was absolutly incredable and backed up too. Little thing's like how the security guard on the car park for one of the towers, who was working that day, reported hearing a blast in the car park, and that was around the same time the plane hit, but couldn't have been caused by the plane. When he was interviewd by police, at the end report, what this man had said recieved no mention, infact, it was never even said that he was interviewd as a part of the process, why so?

I took it upon myself to re-look into this whole situation and even to me, some thing's don't add up.

Reguardless of this though, the one thing that still bugs me is how people point the finger of blame when it comes to 9/11. It sickens me when people place the blame at the feet of a religion, of which has millions of followers, yet very few terrorists acting under it's name.... know why? Because a terrorist doesn't act under the muslim faith. They're extremeists. People who want to cause havoc and feel that if they're extreme because of a faith, they have a reason to do what they do. They're not exclusive to the muslim faith, you can find extremeism in all faiths, note here... IRA and the westboro baptist church.

Too many people for too long have wanted to believe that america was hard done to by the muslims, when in truth.... america is actually alot worse than you may think.

I want to show you this video, it's perfect. The actor, actually sum's up the way some people are, even to this day with his comments over 9/11. But, watch out of the soldier at the end....

So today, for me, i might spend abit of time thinking about the incident at the world trade towers and of course how sad it must be to have lost a loved one in that incident, but i won't be spending time feeling sorry for america.

Look at how america's been over syria.... that's how america often is and it's time it stopped.